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May News

May is here, and with it comes a month filled to the brim with learning and fun!  Have a quick peek at some of our upcoming activities:

  • Our new unit this month is “Animals, Animals, Everywhere!”  It provides us with wonderful opportunities to learn about many of the amazing creatures that share the earth with us.  The students have begun their learning by labelling most of the animals on our new bulletin board and defining animals as anything that is alive but not a plant.  They thought it was  funny that their teacher could be classified as an animal too!
  • Our animal-shaped task card is ready to stimulate student learning during center and play time.  Your children will complete activities involving concepts such as:  reading, animal classification, letter sounds, rhyming, social skills, numerical sequencing, fine-motor practice, and logical reasoning.  Our shelves have been filled with animal-themed books, puzzles, and toys.  There’s also a new animal writing center and our play house has become a veterinary hospital.
  • Don’t forget to check out the hallway display for your child’s paper-plate animal creation!

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Announcing April!

I often refer to April as the “lightbulb” month.  It always delights me that children are so amazing in their ability to learn, and your children this year are no exception.  It’s like you can see a lightbulb turn on inside their brains as concepts that may have been a struggle before are all of sudden becoming easier.  I love hearing the students say “Hey, that’s the best number 2 I’ve ever made!” or “I can rhyme your name – listen!”  Here’s a look at April’s highlights:

–  “Scientists in School” will work with the students on April 28.  We would love to have a few adult volunteers to assist at each Science station.  Your help would be most appreciated.

– We’ve created a new hallway display called “Spring Has Sprung.”  Come have a look at your child’s work; there are frogs leaping all over the place!

–  We will begin to learn O Canada in Sign Language.

–  We will learn a new math game called “Bears in A Cave” to help us practice addition.

–  We will complete a variety of Science experiments as we explore our new theme “The 5 Senses.”

– You should know that the students received wonderful compliments from Able Dental when they visited the class. They commented to our staff after their presentation that they couldn’t believe how well-behaved, patient, and polite the children were.  Way to go, Westie V.I.P’s!! I’m so proud of you!

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February Fun!

Welcome to another month with the Kindergarten V.I.P’s. The theme this month is “Nuts About Numbers”, and if you guessed that it focuses on numeracy and math , you’d be right.  Our new task card is in the shape of a wise owl, and the students will complete activities which will ask them to count, recognize numbers, compare, add, estimate, and more!  Our play house has been turned into a grocery store where children are invited to write a grocery list, select items for sale, and pay for them at our cash registers, which really do work! We like to think of this play center as “real-life math.”  We’ll also continue enhancing our literacy abilities with skills such a syllables, rhyming, and beginning sounds.  Check out our Field Trips and Monthly Themes tabs for even more information about your child’s program.

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Happy New Year!

Our staff at Westminster Kindergarten hope that 2015 will bring you many memorable moments.  It was wonderful to see all the students again!  This month will find us working especially hard on alphabet and letter sound recognition.  We will challenge the students with a “Backwards Alphabet” poem and practice learning how to do the alphabet in sign language as well.  We will also spend time exploring concepts dealing with the season of winter.  (Check out our new hallway display – “Snowmen Shouldn’t Drink Hot Chocolate!”) The class will also start weekly visits to the school computer lab with special thanks to Staples for their donation of headsets for each child- WOW!  Feel free to drop in anytime.

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s an update for this busy and festive time.  Please read our December newsletter for all the details about what we’ll be up to. Don’t forget to check the Field Trips tab too! The weeks ahead in December will find us:

– allowing the students to put up their own classroom Christmas tree and creating decorations for it

– working with Trickster, a professional theatre company, to create our very own school-wide performance.  Come and watch on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the school gymnasium.

– creating Christmas candy houses

-visiting Mrs. Wicher’s “Christmas House” with rooms full of animated Christmas figurines and displays

– enjoying our Christmas party and revealing all of the “Secret Santa” during our class gift exchange

– continuing our classroom work and play, including a new Christmas card writing center and a Christmas village with red sand to set up in our sand box

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November News!

The Kindergarten V.I.P’s are as busy as ever this month.  Please check your newsletter for more details, and see below for some of the highlights.  Check out the “Monthly Themes” tab for some interesting tidbits about our learning to talk about with your child too!

1)  Students will bring their first report card home on November 17.  We hope that it provides you with lots of information about their effort, their development, their skills, and their challenges.  We are so enjoying getting to know each one of them!

2)  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20.  Please call the school to sign up for a time or see the sign-up sheet by the classroom.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

3) Our theme this month is “Healthy Habits” with a review on colors and shapes thrown in for extra fun. We have added an activity about Canada’s Food Guide and the 4 food groups to our Circle Time and a new “Rainbow Song” poem to literacy time.  We’ve changed our playhouse into a hospital and the students have been busy writing prescriptions for poor Mrs. K’s sore throat! Our new task card for center time is a crayon shape. Among other tasks, students will be developing fine-motor control using pattern blocks, practicing turn-taking with a board game, checking their counting with popsicle shapes, exploring color words, and participating in a Shared Reading group. We hope the monthly comments provided on each child’s task card are helpful in letting you know how your child is working and playing each day.

4)  Please review our Field Trip tab for information on our upcoming Dentist field trip.  Other special events this month include a visit from our F.N.M.I worker, Mrs. Wells, a presentation on “Home Safety” by Safety City, and a visit by Dr. Leniuk, an opthamologist.

5)  If your child isn’t very hungry for lunch on November 25, it’s probably because we’ll be making a big  snack that day.  We’re going to read and discuss the story “Stone Soup” and then we’re cooking our very own soup!  Watch for a memo with all the details – yum!

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October Fun!

Those beautiful Fall colors have arrived, and your equally beautiful children are settling in well to their new world at Westminster Kindergarten.  Check out our newsletter for all the details for this month’s activities.  You might like to know that:

  • Our new theme is “Falling Into Autumn.” We’ll be discussing the signs of Autumn, celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween, and working in our new alphabet books. Some of our new favorite songs at music time are “5 Little Turkeys” and “A-Tooty-Ta.”
  • Our leaf-shaped task card is ready to promote learning during center time.  Your child will complete activities involving counting, number recognition, patterning, fine-motor control, social skills, beginning literacy and more!  When the task card is completed, your child will bring it home to you.  We will write how your child completed each task on the back of the card; please take a minute to read it so you can celebrate and encourage his/her ongoing growth.
  • We’re still without electrical power in a portion of our room due to the ongoing construction.  Once it’s back on, however, we’ll be adding a listening center to our play time choices.
  • Click on our “Monthly Themes” tab for some additional information, and for some examples of the students’ stories on “How To Cook A Turkey!”